Codes & Bolts
14 May 2021
Step-by-step guide to modding a MX Master 3 with Kailh Silent Switches (6*6*7.3mm)
25 April 2021
Disassembly and clean up guide for the Corsair K70 RGB - 2021 Remake.
12 August 2020
MacBook power adapter static issue that occurs while it is plugged in, and the way to resolve it.
2 August 2020
Pins layout of Girier Smart Wall Switch (WIFI-W6B) for custom firmware flashing.
8 July 2020
Pins layout of BSD29 (AJW-02_8285) for custom firmware flashing.
27 June 2020
Recently, I purchased a Nixie clock online and was looking for an alternative method to sync the time of the clock.

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