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Nixie Clock — NTP Sync & HTTP Switch

Recently, I purchased a Nixie clock online and was looking for an alternative method to sync the time of the clock. The method provided by the clock supplier, Gra-Afch, was to use a GPS dongle. However, I did not like an additional dongle sticking out. The clock is powered by an Arduino Mega2560, and I had a hunch that there were alternative boards with internet capabilities somewhere online. Searching on Aliexpress, I found a Mega2560 board with an ESP8226 built into it.



Flashing Firmware

After flashing the ESP8266 with an AT-Command firmware we can move on to flash the Mega2560 with the provided sketch. The sketch is based off of afch code.

Step 1: Adding Libraries to Arduino IDE

Additional libraries added are:

Drag and drop the library folders provided with the sketch to Arduino IDE libraries folder.

Libraries folder is located at:

*Note that I have removed Tone and IRRemote libraries

Step 2: Editing WiFi Credentials & Flashing

HTTP Server Details

This firmware also includes a HTTP Server that allows you to switch the nixie tubes on and off remotely.

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