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Today was the day of my admission interview at Singapore Management University (SMU) School of Information Systems (SIS). After a week of preparation for this day it’s finally over. I’m sure if you are reading this you must be a JC or poly student who had received the call for interview too. At that period of time I was worrying about how the interview is going to be like. What was the format of the interview? What was the procedure like? Luckily I was able to find many SMU student interview experience after a quick google search. So today I am sharing with you all my SMU SIS interview experience.


About a week ago I received a call from a SMU representative which I believe was a student studying there. I was informed that I was shortlisted to attend the SMU SIS admission interview on the following Friday and I would be receiving the the confirmation email this week. The email came the next day. I thought the email would have provided more insight of how the interview was going to be like. But nope! All it says was the time, venue of the interview and what to bring on that day.


I was given the 9.10 a.m slot, the first interview session for the day. Travelling and finding SIS was a losing game for me haha.. I got lost twice.. once in the MRT station as I did not know that I had to change train at Promenade MRT station and the other was in SMU. It took me awhile to find SIS but luckily I left home early and I arrived there at 9 a.m. I was told to head up to level 5. The 2 other interviewees were already there.. surprising I knew one of the interviewees through my short run in Samsung Ambassador Program.

At 9.10 a.m we were told to take our seats on the sofas right beside the lift lobby. We then submitted our original and photocopied documents for checking.

We were than given a piece of paper with the famous SMU estimation question and were only give 5 minutes to complete it.


I got the question “How many buses do you think pass SMU SIS everyday?”. This is where the professors who will be our interviewers later wants to see how we think and solve problems. You just have to give a logical answer where you are able to provide evidence using your own logic and of course your general knowledge.

If you want more information on this, Josephine has a rather good explanation of the estimation question and her interview experience on here blog: JOjo i me Moi

Once the 5 mins of writing and thinking were up we were off to the interview.


We moved on the interview room which was on the same floor. It was just an ordinary meeting room in my case so not to worry. We were greeted by 2 professors and a student they were our interviewers.

We started off introducing ourselves to the interviewers and the went on to explain our answer to the estimation questions. There was no projector involved like what the other blog post has said as I believe it was because I was in a small group. Once, we have all explained our answer we moved on to Q&A session.

First the professor asked us individually why we are interested in going SIS. The interviewers has their own cheat sheet on us and would ask us more about our past experiences. After that, it is the time for us interviewees to ask the questions. Remember ask questions that cannot be found on the website.

And.. that’s it! My interview session was rather short roughly around 40 minutes.

All in all the Early Admission interview went on like this:

  • Outside the interviewing room
    • Submission of documents (Result slips, certificates, testimonials)
    • Estimation question
  • In the interviewing room
    • Self Introduction
    • Presentation of your answer to the estimation question
    • Q&A session


The first mistake which I made was that I did not plan must route to SIS properly. I thought it was just a straight trip to Bras Basah MRT station on the circle line but it was not. Check that you’re on the right train! I got lost again at SMU itself.
So remember to look out for the signs carefully or better still take a trip down to SIS a few days before your interview.

My second mistake was that I did not put on a tie before I went to the reporting venue. As by the time I was there, I did not have the time to put on the tie and also rather being nervous I did not remember that I was not wearing it.
So remember to put on your tie or anything that make yourself look more presentable before you go to the reporting venue.


I hope this post and the many others in the interweb are able to give you the confidence and insights to prepare and do well for your interview. All the best to all future interviewees.

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Leave a comment below if you have any more questions about SMU SIS admission interview.

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