Igloohome Smart Lock Review

Igloohome Smart Lock by Igloohome is a digital lock targeting home owners and more specifically Airbnb hosts. The centerpiece feature of the lock is that it gives owners the capability of generating one time or time based pass code remotely using your mobile phone without being in the vicinity. (You can read more about how it works here) Really awesome for Airbnb hosts!

Furthermore, the price of Igloohome Smart lock really make it stands out in the market. I got mine at S$288 including installation fee. Comparing to other popular digital locks brand like Yale or Samsung which will cost at the very least double of what I spent. (Just an estimation but you get the point. The other brands are much more expensive compared to Igloohome)

However, with all the pros it does have it’s fair share of cons too. I will dive into the details later on.


The installation was quick and swift. The contractor who installed my lock was really friendly and efficient. He completed the job in less than 30 mins and was very apologetic for being late. Unfortunately, I was not able to take photos of the installation as he was in a rush and I did not want to hinder him.



Pins can be easily generated using the app after you have synced your mobile device with the lock. You can either generate One Time or Duration Pin. Duration pins varies from 10 mins to 24 months or permanent. Pins are randomly generated and cannot be edited in app.

Fortunately, you will be able to change the generated pins on the lock itself easily following the steps in the guide book. Please note that the pin you are changing to has to be 6 digits only and that the pin listed in the app will not be updated to what you have changed to.

Timed Re-Lock / Auto Lock

This was where I encountered a problem which got on my nerves a little at that time. The lock goes into stand-by mode after a few seconds and my natural instinct was to wake to lock up like what we do from most devices. Hence, I would tap the number pad first before pressing the combination stated in the guide to activate the time re-lock. I soon realised that you have to wake the lock up by pressing the first key stated in the guide which was the “*” key. I guess this was my own fault. However, if the lock goes into sleep mode you do have to tap the number pad to wake it up first. There’s no indication whether the lock is in standby or sleep mode though.

However, another feature that i feel that is a key factor towards the UX of digital lock is the auto lock function. Yes, Igloohome does have a auto lock function BUT it will only get activated if the lock is unlocked using the mobile app or a PIN.

If you physically unlock the lock when you leave your home it does not auto lock.

Easy Unlock

Igloohome Smart Lock comes with a function called Smart Unlock. Igloohome states “Easy Unlock removes the need to press any unlock button on your phone. All you have to do is place your palm over the Igloohome smart lock’s keypad to wake it up and it will unlock, provided your Bluetooth is switched on, and the Igloohome mobile app is running.”. However, currently for iPhone users the app has to be in the foreground for Easy Unlock to work.

I am using an iPhone and i have been trying to get this feature to work. This feature is still pretty buggy as after the installation i was not able to get this to work. But, after a few hours it started working.

I believe that this is a new feature and they are still working out the bugs in the app and the Bluetooth connection is one of them. I really do hope that this feature does get fixed in the near future.

Mobile App

The mobile app looks great now with its new design. However, like i said above Bluetooth connectivity between the app and the lock still leaves much to be desired. I have tested this with both an iPhone and an Android phone. Both of them did not work really well. Successful attempts are random.

Bluetooth Key

Other than Pins owners can also generate Bluetooth keys instead of Pins. Bluetooth keys can be sent to other users either using a QR code or a URL. I sent a Bluetooth key to my father’s Xiaomi S3. However, I was unable to unlock the lock. This might be an issue with the phone though.


Igloohome Smart Lock is a lock that comes with features that mainstream locks don’t. However, it is also missing features that are what most people want or at least to me I find them necessary. Personally, I feel that a the main benefit of owning a digital lock is it’s ease of use and time it saves users from using a key. What really attracted me to purchase Igloohome Smart Lock was the Easy Unlock feature. Being able to leave my phone in my pocket to unlock my door was what I wanted. However, needing to hold the “#” button for 2 secs to activate the lock or taking out my mobile phone to unlock the lock defeats the purpose of owning a digital lock to me. (I guess you can call me lazy haha). Moreover, with the erratic Bluetooth functionality I have gave up on it for now and resorted to just keying in my pin.

That being said, Igloohome Smart Lock is value for money and it does what it was designed for. Being able to generate PINs remotely and sending them to tenants will definitely aid Airbnb hosts. It only cost S$ 288 it is definitely worth your money if you don’t mind living with those issues for now.


  • Price
  • Remote Pin Generation
  • Bluetooth Key
  • Duration or One Time Pins


  • Erratic Bluetooth Connection
  • No Auto Lock when it is manually unlocked

I will be waiting for the flaws to be worked out. Hopefully an auto lock feature when owners leave the house will be added too.

You can purchase the lock and book your appointment here. (Only for Singapore)


30 Dec 2016:
After using the lock for about 2 months, My gripe about needing to hold the “#” key to engage the lock is gone. In all honesty, holding down the key does not inconvenience me like how I thought it would previously.

2 thoughts on “Igloohome Smart Lock Review”

    1. Hi Tok,

      My opinion since the last update in Dec 16 has not changed. I still find that holding the “#” to engage the lock is not really an hassle. However, now it gives me the reassurance that the lock has been engaged.

      igloohome has released a new version of the lock with the auto re-lock feature which i wanted previously. Check it out on their website here.

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