How to Convert HTML to OFT

I have been struggling to find a guide which teaches me how to do this quickly. Most guides I found requires the use of VBA or an additional plugin. After multiple trial and error attempts, I found a way convert HTML to OFT using only Outlook 2016.


  1. Click New Email
  2. Click this button on the toolbar.
  3. Add Attach File (Not “Attach File…”)
    Add File
  4. A Paperclip button should now be added to the toolbar.

Converting HTML TO OFT

  1. Click New Email
  2. Click the Paperclip button
  3. Select your HTML File
  4. Click the Arrow in the Insert button
    Insert button
  5. Select Insert as Text
    Insert as Text
  6. Save the file as an OFT
  7. You’re done!

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