Corsair K70 RGB Spill Guide – Disassembly & Clean Up

Ahhhhhhhh! So I spilled a bottle of tea on my Corsair K70 RGB 💔 again… My first instinct was to immediately over turn the keyboard and to unplug it. Thankfully, I think this saved the keyboard from short circuiting. This being the second time I spilled tea onto my keyboard. I decided to write a short guide on the disassembly and cleaning up process of the Corsair K70 RGB.

*Sorry for the low quality images. This happened at 2am in the morning.

Corsair K70 RGB Spill Guide

Only disassemble your keyboard for a thorough wash as a last resort. Checkout this guide on Reddit first before attempting this.

You are choosing to attempt this guide. It may render your keyboard useless and I will not be held responsible for any spoiled keyboard due to this guide.

The Spill

I spilled 1/3 of a bottle filled with chrysanthemum tea on to my keyboard. I immediately over turn the keyboard and unplug it before flipping it back over to snap some photos. As seen in the images below the tea was almost on every part of the keyboard.


Tear Down

In the previous spill, I wiped down and then left the keyboard out to dry to remove any excess water. Unfortunately, that was not enough as some keys became “Sticky”. I began googling on ways to clean my keyboard and I found a really comprehensive guide on Reddit.

I tried the straw and warm water method. However, that did not work very well in my case. I decided to take the plunge and dismantled my whole keyboard to wash it. This time I decided to just disassemble and wash the keyboard.

Lets begin dissembling the Corsair K70 RGB.

Step 1 – Remove Keys

Corsair K70 RGB Spill Guide - Keys Removed
Keys Removed
  • Remove the keys using a key remover

Step 2 – Remove Screws

Corsair K70 RGB Spill Guide - Screws Location
Screws Location
  • Remove the screws marked in orange
  • Screws marked in red are hidden below

Step 2.1 – Logo Removal

Take your time during this step if you do not want to damage the logo. Mine is bent a little at the left edge as I was not careful the previous time.

  • Heat the logo area using a hairdryer
  • Use something sharp to pry the logo up
  • Remove the screw underneath

Step 2.2 – Volume Cap Removal

There is another screw hidden below this cover. Once again, take your time and be careful as you may damage your keyboard.

  • Slip something thin in and pry the cap up
  • Remove the screw underneath

If you have damaged your keyboard at see Step 6.4

Step 3 – Remove Back Cover

Corsair K70 Spill Guide - Back Cover Removal
Back Cover Removal
  • Lift the back cover up slowly
  • The top part of the keyboard maybe still attached to the back cover
  • Remove and keep the rubber piece attached to the back cover
  • Silica Gel will not be present inside. I added them after my first spill.

Step 4 – Media Control Board Removal

Corsair K70 Spill Guide - Circuit Close Up
Circuit Close Up


  • Unscrew the Wire
  • Remove the Connectors (Use a flat head screw driver to push the connector down and outwards)
  • Remove the Ribbon Cables (Pull the ribbon cable out horizontally. Pinch the whole width of the cable to prevent it from tearing)

Step 4.1 – Remove Media Control Board

  • Lift the board and remove it from the main board
  • Remove and safekeep the black sticker
  • Safe keep the LED cover

Step 5 – Washing

This may seem stupid and painful. However, it gets the job done and my keyboard still works after a thorough wash.

  • Wash the following:
    • Switches
    • Back
    • Keys
    • Back cover

Step 6 – Drying

Corsair K70 Spill Guide - Drying

This is the most crucial part. Allow the board and all the other components to dry for at least a day or two.

I left mine to dry overnight in front of an air purifier.

Step 6 – Reassembly

Corsair K70 RGB Spill Guide - All Components
All Small Components
  • Ensure that you have the following:
    •  24 Screws
    • 1 LED Cover
    • 1 Volume Cap
    • 1 Rubber Piece
    • 1 Corsair Logo

Step 6.1 – Reassemble Internal Components

  • Place the Media Control Board back into its original place
  • Reattach all:
    • Connectors
    • Ribbon Cables
    • Wire
  • Replace the black sticker (If removed)
  • Place some bags of silica if you want (Ensure that it does not block any holes)

Step 6.2 – Reassemble Back Cover

  • Replace the rubber piece into the slot (Right side when the inside of the back cover is facing you)
  • Replace the back cover
  • Ensure that the switch aligns with the back cover

Step 6.3 – Replace Screws

Corsair K70 RGB Spill Guide - Screws Location
Screws Location
  • Replace all 24 screws
  • Replace the Corsair Logo
  • Replace the Volume Cap (If you have damaged your keyboard at step 2.2 see step 6.4)

Step 6.4 – Touch Up (Optional)

If you have damaged the paint while trying to remove the volume cap. You can use a black paint/OHP marker to touch up the finishing.

Step 7 – Power On!

Corsair K70 RGB Spill Guide - Power On
Power On

Plug in your keyboard! Everything should be working as normal. No sticky keys!

I hope that by following this guide your K70 RGB is now clean and free of sticky keys!




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