Corsair K70 RGB Spill Guide

Disclaimer: Follow this guide at your own risk, only proceed if you understand the risks involved. I'm not liable for any damage to you or your keyboard when you follow this guide.


Step 1 Corsair Badge Removal
Logo Removal

There is a screw hidden under the Corsair badge

Be gentle as the badge may get bent or damaged

  • Use a pen knife and slowly pry the badge up from one side
Step 2 Volume Wheel Clip Removal
Volume Cap Removal

There is a screw hidden under the clip beside volume wheel

Be gentle as the clip or the keyboard may get damaged

  • Use a thin and blunt object to slowly pry the clip up from one side
Step 3 Screws Removal
Corsair K70 RGB Screws Layout

There is a screw hidden under the Corsair badge

  • Remove all key caps
  • Remove all 24 screws marked in the picture
Step 4 Detach Internals
Internal Connectors

There are two ribbon cables, two connectors and one screw

  • Unplug the connectors
  • Slowly remove the ribbon cables
  • Unscrew the wire
And that's it! You should be able to remove the PCB from the case.
Parts List
  • 24 Black Screws
  • 1 Silver Screws
  • 1 Silicone Pad
  • 1 Translucent LED Cover


I went a little over board with the washing the keyboard by just simply running it under water. I have done it twice before and the keyboard is still working till this day (Apr 2021).

*However, if you are worried that the the PCB may get damaged or water may get into the switches. Do not follow what I did below.

Step 5 Rinsing*
Corsair K70 RGB Washing

Some of my switches were sticky and I was too impatient to clean them individually so I ran them under the water.

Step 6 Drying
Corsair K70 RGB Drying

Let the keyboard and its switches dry over a couple of days.
To speed up the process I used an air purifier to blow air through different angles of the keyboard.


Step 7 Reattach Internal Connectors
Corsair K70 RGB Internal Connectors

Reattach all the internal connectors and screws that were removed in Step 4

Step 8 Double Check
Silicone Stopper

Silicone Stopper

LED Cover

LED Cover

Switch Alignment

Switch Alignment

Ensure that the Silicone Piece, LED Cover and Switch cover is aligned with the switch before closing the keyboard
Step 9 Test

Perform a quick test to verify that the keyboard is able to power up and that all switches are working.

Step 10 Screws
Screws Layout
  • Reinsert all 24 screws marked in the picture
  • Paste the Corsair badge
  • Replace the clip beside the volume wheel
Step 10B Touch Up (Optional)
Touching Up

If the area surrounding the volume wheel clip was scratched during the removal process.
You may want to use a black marker to cover up the scratches.

Step 11 Done!
All working

Replace the key caps and you're done!

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