Month: November 2016

Igloohome Smart Lock Review

Igloohome Smart Lock by Igloohome is a digital lock targeting home owners and more specifically Airbnb hosts. The centerpiece feature of the lock is that it gives owners the capability of generating one time or time based pass code remotely using your mobile phone without being in the vicinity. (You can read more about how …

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How to Convert HTML to OFT

I have been struggling to find a guide which teaches me how to do this quickly. Most guides I found requires the use of VBA or an additional plugin. After multiple trial and error attempts, I found a way convert HTML to OFT using only Outlook 2016. Set-Up Click New Email Click this button on the …

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pfSense & SingTel Fibre Guide

A couple of weeks ago I decided to retire my four years old Asus RT-N66U and build my own pfSense firewall/router. I spent many countless hours tinkering and reading up on forums to get my set-up working. MioTV was a pain to get it working properly. Hence, I decided to write this guide to help anyone out there who …

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